WimpSim Results

Note: The results below are old. New results are available here. You should not really use these old results as there have been bug fixed and improvements since these were generated.

For our publication (M. Blennow, J. Edsjö and T. Ohlsson, arXiv: 0709.3898), we ran WimpAnn and WimpEvent for 2.5 million events for 18 different masses from 10 GeV to 10 TeV and for 10 different annihilation channels. We did this for 7 different oscillation parameter scenarios. For the actual detector, we focused on IceCube at the South Pole, even if the results would not change significantly for any other detector.

The results are available here both as figures and as computer-readable data tables.

The different oscillation scenarios (A-G) are described here. If you don't want to gory details, scenario A is without oscillations and scenario B is the standard oscillation parameter scenario (as of 2007). All the other scenarios are versions with inverted hieararchy and/or non-zero theta_13. Scenario may2012 is updated to the best global fit available in arXiv:1205.4018. This is the scenario that is currently being rerun.



Large compilations of figures for all these oscillation scenarios are available here.

Data files

If you want to use these results by a computer programme, it might be more suitable to use the data files summarizing the results. These are available here.

Note that in the next release of the DarkSUSY code, we will include these tables and routines to read and interpolate between these data. That code will also include annihilation channels like Higgs bosons that depend on masses that are particle physics model specific.

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