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Here the results of our extensive simulations are shown as large collection of figures. We have run our simulations for 2.5 million events for 18 different masses from 10 GeV to 10 TeV and for several different annihilation channel. We did this for 7 differens oscillation parameter scenarios. For the actual detector, we focused on IceCube at the South Pole, even if the results would not change significantly for any other detector.

The different oscillation scenarios (A-G) are described here. If you don't want to gory details, scenario A is without oscillations and scenario B is the standard oscillation parameter scenario. All the other scenarios are versions with inverted hieararchy and/or non-zero theta_13. Hence, if you only want the best estimate of the oscillation effects, use scenario B.

In all the scnenarios below, the figures are available as a collection of neutrino and anti-neutrino yields at creation in the Sun, at R_sun, at 1AU and at the detector for the Sun as well as at creation and the detector for the Earth. The actual detector we assume is IceCube at the South Pole, but the results are not very sensitive at all to this assumption. We also give the yields of neutrino-nucleon interaction at the detector and the yield of hadronic showers and charged leptons resulting from the interaction. We also give the yield of muons at the detector (i.e. the flux).


Oscillation scenario WimpAnn figures
At creation, R_sun and at 1 AU

WimpEvent figures
at the detector

A - no oscillations wa-allplots-res-a.pdf we-allplots-res-a.pdf

B - standard oscillations

wa-allplots-res-b.pdf we-allplots-res-b.pdf
C - inverted hieararchy wa-allplots-res-c.pdf we-allplots-res-c.pdf
D - standard but with theta_13 = 10° wa-allplots-res-d.pdf we-allplots-res-d.pdf
E - inverted hieararchy with theta_13 = 10° wa-allplots-res-e.pdf we-allplots-res-e.pdf
F - standard but with theta_13 = 5° wa-allplots-res-f.pdf we-allplots-res-f.pdf
G - inverted hieararchy with theta_13 = 5° wa-allplots-res-g.pdf we-allplots-res-g.pdf

If you need specific figures given in these pdf files as eps-figures, you can browse around here to find what you are looking for (tarred up for each oscillation scenario). The naming convention should be obvious.

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