WimpSim Code

Welcome to the WimpSim WIMP monte carlo page for neutrino telescopes.

This code is released as is, and the installation is not polished to be streamlined. It is not difficult to install it though, and I will try to guide you through the necessary steps here.

Needed software

WimpSim needs a set of companion software to work:

If you need older versions than the current ones, they can be found here. Be aware though, that you should have no reason to run older versions, except if you want to confirm/check work done with earlier versions.

Installation instructions

OK, so now you have got what you need. How do you get it working then? The rough installation instructions are as follows. Personally I use ifort as my compiler, I will below outline what you need to do if you use another compiler like gfortran.

That's essentially it. You then have wimpann and wimpevent in the bin directory in WimpSim. Just run it and start playing with it.

Upgrading from 4.0

If you are upgrading from wimpsim 4.0 to 4.01 or later, please be aware that the units of the fluxes from solar_crnu (and wimpevent when run on solar_crnu files) have changed from 1/m2 to 1/cm2. This change has been made to make the units from solar_crnu match those from wimpann and also to match the publication (v2 of the arXiv version and the JCAP published version).

Upgrading from 3.05

If you are upgrading from wimpsim 3.05 you only need to get the new wimpsim. If you want to run solar_crnu you should also get the new nusigma. You do not need to upgrade DarkSUSY or Pythia.

Upgrading from 3.03

If you are upgrading from wimpsim 3.03 you only need to get the new wimpsim. You do not need to upgrade DarkSUSY, Pythia or nusigma.

Upgrading from 3.01

If you are upgrading from wimpsim 3.01 you need to get the new nusigma (which fixes a bug that in a few cases gave unphysical events) and the new wimpsim. You do not need to upgrade DarkSUSY nor Pythia.

Frequent problems/questions


A comment about batch runs

If you need to make lots of long wimpann and wimpevent runs for many different masses and annihilation channels, there are a set of scripts in the scr directory that help you set up run jobs. The most interesting scripts are wasetup.pl and wesetup.pl. These take an input text file with your oscillation parameters (formatted as you would enter these interactively) and as the other arguments you give the entries you would otherwise have entered interactively when running wimpann and wimpevent. Run them without any options to get information on what you need to supply. The basic idea with these is that they creates a result directory that you name and in this directory lots of run scripts are automatically created from your arguments. You then run these to get the results for all the masses and channels given in wasetup.pl and wesetup.pl. In scr/ in the result directory you created, there are scripts run-wa.one and run-we.one that help you run all the run scripts in an efficient fashion. If you don't understand how to get these working though, you are probably better off writing your own run scripts. This kind of batch setup is what I have used myself to produce the figures and tables given in the result section.

Similarly, there is a script run_solar_crnu_all.sh that can be used to run solar_crnu for different cosmic ray, density profile and oscillation parameter options. If you want to use it, please check the script and the script setup_run_solar_crnu.sh before running. These are the kind of scripts that were used for our publication on solar atmospheric neutrinos.

In case you have problems, send me an e-mail: edsjo@fysik.su.se
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