Welcome to the WimpSim WIMP Monte Carlo page for neutrino telescopes. This code calculates neutrinos from annihilation of WIMPs inside the Sun or the Earth, or from cosmic ray interactions in the solar atmosphere (using MCEq data tables), collects all the neutrinos that emerge and let these propagate out of the Sun/Earth to the detector including neutrino interactions and neutrino oscillations in a fully consistent three-flavour way. This is done in an event-based scenario which is particulary suitable for interfacing to a neutrino telescope Monte Carlo.

On these pages, both the code to actually perform the simulations and results from an extensive set of simulations for various annihilation channels and masses are available.

If you use the results presented here, please refer to

M. Blennow, J. Edsjö and T. Ohlsson, [arXiv: 0709.3898] for the original WIMP annihilation calculation

J. Edsjö J. Elevant, R. Enberg and C. Niblaeus, [arXiv: 1704.02892] for the new version including the solar_crnu addition.

C. Niblaeus, A. Beniwal and J.Edsjö, [arXiv: 1903.11363] for the new version including the mediator decay addition.

If you also use the WimpSim code itself, please also refer to it as

J. Edsjö, J. Elevant and C. Niblaeus, WimpSim Neutrino Monte Carlo, http://wimpsim.astroparticle.se/

Of course, you should also refer to the codes WimpSim uses, in particular nusigma (by J. Edsjö), Pythia and SLALIB. See Torbjörn Sjöstrand's site for how they want you to refer to Pythia.

WimpSim Code

The code for WimpSim is available here.


Results rerun in January 2013 with WimpSim 3.03 and nusigma 1.17 are available here (WIMP annihilation results).

Results from the solar_crnu calculation in April, 2017 will soon be made available here.

Complete datafiles for DarkSUSY 6

Results rerun in April 2017 with WimpSim 4 and nusigma 1.19 are available here as datafiles suitable for DarkSUSY 6. The most commonly used data files are already included in the DarkSUSY distribution, but if you need some files not included in the distribution, download them here.

Conversion script

The WimpSim results for the standard setup with default oscillation parameters have been incorporated into DarkSUSY, but are also available as a conversion script that can convert between various yields with different thresholds and angular cuts. This is particulary ueseful when comparing results from different neutrino telescopes with different thresholds.


If you have questions, send me an e-mail: edsjo@fysik.su.se

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